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Proyachts, founded in 2005 and based in Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona e Ibiza.
Proyachts specialized in yacht charters & yacht management until 2010, when we decided to introduce yacht brokerage to the business. Our goal is to offer full assistance to our clients whether that be searching for a charter yacht, a future purchase, or managing a client´s yacht.
We are a team of enthusiastic people and, thanks to our extensive network of knowledge and relationships within the world of yachting, we have gained access to a large market of yachts, potential customers and services. Our philosophy is based on professionalism, honesty and dedication, and we aim to give the finest service within the yachting industry. We have grown to become a company with a great present and a very promising future.


Jaime Salom

Since his childhood, sea and sailing are taking a preferential place thanks to the influence of his family. At a very early age he begins in the world of regattas and later as a sailing instructor. He studies business administration, but after several years he changes his career and decides to enroll in Tenerife’s Navigation University where he obtains the Captain’s license. Then, he serves as a captain for 10 years sailing in different yachts, both private and charter. After several years, he joins Gestianutic’s team where he gains experience as a yacht broker broading his knowledge as a commercial broker. In 2005 he co-founds ProYachts, providing his professionalism and dedication. As a consequence Pro Yachts has substantially increased its market share in the yachting industry.


Carlos Santana

He starts sailing since a very early age, entering the Olympic’s Team and becoming champion of Spain. He has crossed the Atlantic 3 times, all in Regatta, winning the traditional ARC (Atlantic Rally Cruisers) as a skipper of the catamaran 2006 Mercedes AutoBeltán. He studies commercial expertise, and then collaborates as a nautical journalist in newspapers such as El Pais, and has also developed a prestigious work as a yacht broker and Director of La Caixa. He has been awarded for his brilliant business career by CONSEDOC (doctors Honoris cause of the European’s Council). In 2012 joins the team of ProYachts providing a great experience and passion, combined with his direct and decisive attitude better yacht brokers.


Sara Ruiz

Su afición por el mar fue tardía, ya que se crió en el interior. A los 20 años se traslada a vivir a Mallorca donde empezó a tener contacto en el mundo náutico trabajando en yates de motor como azafata. Después de más de 10 años navegando alrededor del mundo conociendo las mejores localizaciones para la navegación, llega a ProYachts como asistente de Jaime Salom aportando todo ese conocimiento con una profesionalidad y un trato al cliente ejemplar.


Alba Zamarreño

Nacida en Madrid pero enamorada del mar desde muy pequeña, a los 21 años empezó a trabajar las temporadas de verano en la isla de Ibiza y finalmente en el 2008 trasladó su residencia habitual a esta maravillosa isla. Con 15 años de experiencia en el departamento de atención al público en diferentes sectores, tales como moda, aviación, náutica y comunicación, finalmente en el 2012 decide dedicarse por completo a la industria náutica. Entra a formar parte del equipo de Proyachts, contribuye con su experiencia y conocimiento de la isla a ofrecer el trato personal y detallado que satisfará las expectativas de nuestros clientes en Ibiza.