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Super motor boats and yachts for charter

super yachts charter mediterraneanDepending on the size and shapes of motor boats and yachts, there is a variety of charter boats differing in size, shape, usage and purpose. Normally yachts range from a bare ten meters to more than hundred meters. Super yachts and super motor boats generally refer to sail yachts or power yachts measuring above twenty four meters. Other terms for the Super Yacht are ‘Giga Yacht’ and ‘Mega Yacht’.
A typical super yacht comprises of six decks. There are five present above the water line and one special deck is present below the water line. Super yachts incorporate quite a lot of impressive features like swimming pools, helicopter landing pads, helicopter hangars and miniature submarines. Super yachts are often chartered for luxury and travel purposes. It is ideal to charter super yachts and super motor boats as all expenses such as running costs are all taken care of by the owner of the yacht itself.
Here are some of the types of super yachts:
1. Full Displacement Yachts: Displacement yachts cruise at 10 knots with an intake of 300 liters of fuel per hour. Ideal for transatlantic ranges, these yachts have a unique feature of zero speed stabilizers and possess stability with a counter balancing force of their weight against the sea which is very comforting for the guests in all weather conditions. They are called displacement yachts because of the use of propeller engines, pushing them through the water, which in turn displaces the certain amount of the water as they go forward. They come with a tri-deck design and impressive interior space volume for the guests.

2. Planing Yachts: Planing Yachts cruise at 30 Knots and burn 800 liters of fuel per hour. Due to the high usage of fuel by these yachts, the cost of maintenance and fuel expenses are very high as compared to the economical Full Displacement Yachts. Also, unlike Full Displacement Yachts, the propeller engines in Planing Yachts push them above the water surface eliminating resistance and achieving a high speed. Planing yachts are much more sleek and lighter in design and are very ideal for local cruising. Its low profile provides for a strong resistance against wind forces.

3. Semi Displacement Yachts: These yachts are a hybrid of Full Displacement Yachts and Planing Yachts. With a cruising speed of 15 Knots, they have an hourly intake of 450 liters of fuel. Although they consume more fuel than Full Displacement Yachts, they are still a much more economical choice as they cruising speed achieved is much higher and due to their smart design, they achieve greater stability and keep the fuel burn rate reasonable. Semi Displacement Yachts are ideal for regional cruising.