In Proyachts we are specialists in the management of rental yachts, we promote your boat and we make sure of an adequate and wide spread to maximize the days of rent.
We offer professional service with which we can guide and answer all the questions that arise when renting your boat.


We have a wide portfolio of customers and collaborators also with the ideal platform to advertise and promote your yacht through:

  • Internet Marketing
  • ewsletters and emails to clients / collaborators of our database
  • Advertising Specialized magazines
  • Social networks
  • Recreational Sailing shows

We are in continuous development to adequately diffuse our boats in order to lease the boat the maximum number of days per year.


We handle all related procedures for obtaining rental licenses, such as; List changes, navigation certificates, inspections, passangers etc …
We help you to find suitable crew for your yacht, the professionalism of the crew is essential for the correct operation of the boat and customer treatment.
We act as the main line of communication throughout the rental between Ship-Owner-Crew and we cover the entire process from reservation to landing.


We design together with the owner a program tailored to your needs as the characteristics and expectations of each case may vary.
If you want more information, please contact us, we will be happy to explain our business model.

Astondoa 90 alquiler yates mallorca
Benetti 100 yates alquiler baleares
Baia 63 ibiza alquilar yate