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France - Cannes

Where is the centre of the France? Geographically, my map says Nevers has a pretty good claim. Historically and legally, you would probably point to Paris. However, if you are thinking of travel, business or meetings, you know it is actually Cannes. Cannes is a beautiful little town on the French Riviera and much to offer. Too much, in fact, so for ease of reading, let me divide this article in two parts; Business and Leisure.

So, why would having a yacht be a good thing for a business man in Cannes? Well, a yacht provides a unique place to hold a business meeting. It´s also an impressive sight to greet guests upon, and it´s a much nicer prospect to be invited to than a hotel board room (ask your potential partner to bring some swimming clothes, and a good deal is probably assured). While Cannes does indeed have fantastic hotels, I have yet to meet a room as beautiful as the ocean.

Not only that, but the Cannes is a place of fantastical networking opportunities. While more and more are added every year, here are some of the big annual festivals: You´ve got the world famous and academically renown Cannes Film Festival, but you´ve also got the Lion International Advertising Festival handles advertising and marketing, while the Midem festival is where the elite of the music industry gather. The International Luxury Travel Market speaks for itself, and Mipcom and MIPTV are where the executives of television meet. If you have any interest in a media company, or using the services and anyone involved with a camera, this is the place to go, meet and greet. And you need to make sure you´re able to represent yourself as a serious candidate and respectable partner.

Well, you can sail to St. Tropez for a starter (and we´ve got an article about that elsewhere on the site) which is an experience I´d suggest everyone has at least once in their lives. The surrounding areas are also worth a visit, such as Ile Ste-Marguérite, an island that smells of fresh forests. Or perhaps you´d rather spend 15 minutes to get to the twin islands of Illes de Lérins where you can visit the de-l´Espérence.

You can dock your boat in Palais des Festivals, and perhaps go to the Cannes Film Festival, or when the International Actor´s Performance Festival comes, you can see multiple plays and comedy shows. Or wait for night, when Le Festival d´Art Pyrotechnique begins to show you the pinnacle of firework displays.

Not only that, but you can spend the day relaxing, soaking up the sun and then going swimming in those cool waters when you get too hot. You can have a cocktail party, or simply stay on deck and work in the fresh air of France.

No matter what you do, Cannes is a city where you can either live out your dreams of a life of leisure and luxury charters or meet the business that will pay for your next holiday here.