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France - St.-Tropez

The beautiful city of St. Tropez. A city of history, of art and of culture.

To quote Anthony Peregrine, "St. Tropez is, quite simply, the most famous resort in Europe".

The city of St. Tropez has inspired artists such as Aerosmith (see: Permanent Vacation) and Pink Floyd (see: Sans Tropez). It was the first point of contact between the Japanese and the French which has created such a mutual respect for each other it led to Paris Syndrome. With roots reaching back far into the time of the Roman Empire, this city has ever straddled between significance and a quiet grace.

However, in the post-war era, St. Tropez has become a prize in the tiara of France. A beautiful town full of amazing sights, such as the vineyards that France is famous for, the Place Des Lices which has received royalty for many years, and the Citadelle de St-Tropez which has seen off both Spanish and British fleets, as well as the picturesque Vieux Port which has kept the colonial visage of beauty which has attracted the rich and beautiful the world over.

The water is full of attractions; along the sea you can find the (in) famous Pampelonne beach, and discover the many vibrant people who have come here to truly live life. The coastline is full of the highest quality restaurants, events and gatherings on the snow white sand that stretches across the edge of the land which can become too bright to look at directly, and café´s where the moguls and jet-setters of where world sit and eat the same food as the locals. No one is treated differently here, but everyone is treated specially.

St. Tropez, beyond being a place for history and culture, has also become a place of excitement; Le Club 55 has a reputation that has spread to even China, and St. Tropez has a well-known secret of being a place for the more illicit pleasures a man may wish. Here is the satisfaction of the soul made paramount; 3 Michelin Star calibre restaurants dot the town, the most artistic designers who grew sick of Paris´ flat ambition now live and sell here, the impact of French New Wave draws filmmakers and actors even today and no one stays on land when they could live on the water.

Let us warn you; during summer, you will not be alone. Over 100,000 other visitors will arrive, and often by car. St. Tropez is not designed to deal with so much influx; the sea remains as peacefully serene as ever, and a yacht is simply the most practical way to get around. Not only that, but the possibility to sailing elsewhere in the Mediterranean (for example, Nice is surprisingly... nice. I´m sorry) as well as soak up the views from the seafront. One side, the sapphire water, empty and calm. The other, the picturesque town nestled in the embrace of a rocky, wooded lands.

There is little that can compare to heaven. But sitting in the sun, smiling and simply relaxing for the first time in St. Tropez is as close as we mere humans have come.